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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Making money from texash holdem

Ideally, always know what the best possible hand on the table is, this is called the "nuts", if there are several players still in the pot and heavy betting, one of them probably has it. E.g. If the board shows K hearts, Q diamonds, 10 spades, 8 clubs and 7 hearts, then the best possible hand is a high straight Ace, K, Q, J, 10, if you have Ace, J, you have it and should play aggressively, if you have J, 9 be careful.

Recognize early when you have the best hand, the "nuts", as this will maximize your betting and raising opportunities. If you have the "nuts", you can't lose, the worst that can happen is you will share the pot, so push the pot up.

Play more cautiously when you are the first to bet, (to the left of the big blind), as re-raises can be expensive. Position is an advantage in Texas Hold'em, when you are the last one to act, you are in a much better position. If you are the big blind, and no one has raised you will always see the flop.

When a player first sits down at a table, they will be required to post the equivalent of the big blind. All players have the option of sitting out and waiting until it is actually their turn to be the big blind before they play.

This rule ensures fairness to all players, by preventing players from hopping in and out of the games, and leaving before their turn to post the big blind.

These are the commonly accepted Top 10 Pocket cards in Texas Hold'em:

1. AA
2. KK
3. QQ
4. JJ
5. AK Suited
6. TT
7. AK Mixed
8. AQ Suited
9. KQ Suited
10. AJ Suited

Finally, poker is a fun game, so have lots of fun, but don't get carried away. It is fun to bluff, but it can be very costly. It’s only a bluff when you win; if you lose it was risky.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Why The Heck Its So Popular?!?!

Texas Hold'em is one of the fastest and most exciting games of poker, and probably the most popular. It can have up to 10 players each hand, more than most poker games, and usually operates the lowest limit games in the cardroom.

Texas Hold'em is a more complex game than first appears, especially when using the community cards. Always remember that everyone on the table can use the 5 community cards, and their two hole cards may be better than yours.

The best way to practice Texas Hold'Em is to deal out 5 community cards, and see what the best possible hand is, and then work backwards to lower hands. Then add two hole cards. This will get you used to looking at possible variations.

Online poker has experienced a huge increase in popularity due to many factors. The many television programs, the convenience of playing from home at any time, the ease of depositing and withdrawing funds, and many other factors contribute to this popularity.

Many people feel uncomfortable in a live poker room, others find it inconvenient to find a room to play at, so turning on the pc and joining a game is the perfect solution
There are currently over 60 million individuals who play Texas Hold’em online, and yet only a hand full of poker players know these secrets - why is that?

• First off, if every online poker player had this poker knowledge, the competition online would be too strong.

• Second, if the fish (the weak players of which professionals make their money off of) attained this information, they will be no longer any "fish in the sea."

• And last, online poker pros are just too embarrassed to admit they are using these secrets because it makes them look weak.

No one wants to be known to have secret aids helping them win at online poker - it's too humiliating!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Check this out guys!!
What are the chances?!?!?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Texas Holdem jargon,


Aces Up : A pair of aces with any other pair

Action : A player's turn to act.

Ajax : Ace/Jack in the hole

All-in : Betting all of your remaining chips.

Ante : Forced bet that players must make before seeing any cards.

This guarantees money in the pot for each hand.

Back Door : Hand made in the last two cards.

Bad Beat : Losing when you have a very strong hand,

usually to a very unlikely draw on the last card.

Bankrole : The total amount of money you plan to gamble with.

Base Deal : Dealing cards from the bottom of the deck rather than the top.

A form of cheating

Beer Hand : 7 and 2 hole cards for Texas Hold 'em.

The worst possible starting hole cards

Bicycle : A Straight, A-5.

Big Lick : 6 - 9 unsuited in the hole.

Big Slick : Pocket Ace/King

Blank : Poor card that has no impact on the game. Also called a rag.

Blinds : Mandatory bet before each round. Usually the player,

two places to the left of the dealer, will have to pay the Large Blind,

and the player to the immediate left of the dealer will have to bet half

as much for the Small Blind

Bluff : To bet strongly with a poor hand, as if you have strong hand

in an attempt to make others fold.

Board : The visible cards in a poker game.

Bottom Pair : The lowest pair on the board in Hold'em or Omaha.

For example if the flop is 2c, 7h, Ks, and you have the 2h,

and 10d in the hole, then your pair of twos is the bottom pair.

Bring in : To open a round of betting

Broadway : An Ace High Straight

Bullets : A pair of Aces in the hole.

Burn : To discard the top card of the deck. This is done to prevent

anyone from being able to determine the next card.

Button : The marker that signifies the dealer's spot. The player with

the button receives the last card dealt in a round.

Buy In : The amount you must pay to enter a game.

Call : To match the current high bet.

Cap : In many limit games there is a restriction on the number

of bets allowed each round. A player caps the betting by

making the last allowable raise.

Cards Speak: A rule that says the cards determine the best possible hand,

not the player. If a player has a better hand than he realizes,

the better hand is the one that is used.

Chase : Calling when you have not yet made your hand.

Check : To basically skip your turn to bet. This still allows you to bet later

in the round should anyone else bet. This is similar to betting $0.

Check Raise : To check at first, then raise should anyone else bet. This is done

as a way to lure other players into betting when you think they may

fold if you bet outright.

Cold Call : To call both a bet and a raise.

Counterfeit : A card that does not help you, but is likely to make an

opponent’s hand better than yours.

Crying Call : When some calls even though they are almost certain they are beat.

Deuce : A two

Donkey : A bad player. A fish.

Family Pot : A round where everyone calls the opening bet.

Fish : Poor player

Flop : The first three community cards in games such as

Texas Hold'em or Omaha

Heads Up : A one on one poker match or round.

Hilton Sisters: Wired queens

Hole : The first two down cards in poker game.

Hooks : A pocket pair of Jacks

Ladies : Queens

Lay Down : To fold

Nut flush : Highest possible flush

Nuts, The : The best possible hand, given the cards on the board.

Nut Straight : Highest possible straight.

Odds : The probability of making your hand.

Off Suit : Cards with different suits, usually referring to hole cards.

For example 8c, 9s might be called 8, 9 off suit.

On Tilt : Betting wildly or making poor bets. Usually after a bad beat.

Open : Make the first bet in a round.

Outs : Any remaining card that will give you the winning hand.

For example if you have the 8, 9, 10, Q in various suits,

and have not seen a Jack, then you have four outs to a Straight.

Overcard : A hole card higher than the highest card on the board

Pocket : First two down cards in poker game.

Pocket Pair : Two cards of the same rank in the hole

Pot Limit : A limit on the maximum allowable raise. The limit is the

amount currently in the pot.

Pot Odds : The ratio of the amount of money in the pot to the amount

it will cost you to call the current bet

See : To Call

Semi-Bluff : Like a bluff except that your hand might be good enough

to win if someone calls you.

Set : Three of a kind.

Suited : Cards of the same suit

Tell : Something a player will do that gives away the strength of his hand.

Tight : A conservative player who doesn't play many hands.

Wired : Pocket cards of the same rank.

W.S.O.P : The World Series of Poker. Annual series of poker tournaments

held at Binions Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. The final event

is a No-Limit Texas Hold’ em tournament with a buy in of $10,000.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Recent Game Part #2

.... So the plop comes down,
a 6, 7, and a queen, phhewww that was close,
For now "buddy" holds the lead upon "cocky", witch makes me happy,since cocky
is the most dominant player in the game. If buddy wins he will make cocky weaker,
and it will be much easier to beat buddy then cocky.

Here comes the turn, cocky holds a pocket 4'r , buddy holds a pocket kings,
If cocky hits a 4 he wins! Please dont make it a 4, I think to myself.
Its a 5! Excellent , Buddy almost wins this hand. I mean, What are the chances that the river will be a 4!
Well acctually There are 54,912 possible three of a kind hands which are not also full houses;
the probability of being dealt one in a five-card hand is… 54,912/2,598,960 = 2.1%
I think to myself.
Here comes the river, I can see buddy's stress from a mile without even looking,
As I fucos my eyes on Cocky, he looks calm confident, like almost he knew it going to be a ...... FOUR!!!! a four !!!!I cant believe its a FOUR, Cocky have a three of a kind of 4's, Buddy holds a pocket kings! Poor buddy.Its so
That lucky bastard.
Cocky screams, Buddy cries, I feel sorry for buddy as I see Cocky spread his dirty hands and pull the chips to his stash!
Buddy is out.
"dont worry buddy I will get him next hand"......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Recent Game..... Part # 1

I was called to play with some friends of mine a few days ago,
We met up 20:00 at one of the guy's house.
"$50 buy in" one of them called.
"I’m going to take your money today Michael!"
one of them said, " I heard you know how to play some Texas" ....
I didn’t really knew the guy, he was a friend of a friend,
But I knew who was my target for today.

So we started playing, we were 9 players for a pretty long time, and this cocky guy was playing very aggressive I’m telling ya, "All in" cocky says , just right after he got his cards. I knew he was bluffing, its the fifth time he does that and nobody calls. But with my 9, 3 off suit, I will never call his bet. I’ve folded.

"I call" the guy right next to me said.
Even though cocky had a pretty good poker face I could see his surprise spiked with fear impression when this guy called his all in.

Cocky had a Pocket 4's, A pocket 4'r? and you go all in? pre flop? a bad bet if you ask me, especially when playing so many hands in a table.
the other guy had a guess what, pocket kings.
Good job buddy, I was thinking to myself, now someone is going to show cocky what is the price for being hasty and cocky in Texas holdem.

Welcome To My Texas Holdem Poker Blog

Hi To all, and welcome to my blog about texas holdem poker,

If you are a big fan of this genious game, just like me ,

you came to the right place.

Here I will try to give you ,the reader, the best information and knowledge about texas holdem ,

I've been playing this game for the past 4 years now. Both online and offline.

And recently started to make a leaving out of it. Yes Yes You hear right.

Its only a matter of experiance.